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This album is inspire by childhood innocence. The length of the album is a projection of your childhood, for it seems so fast. As people grow older, life experiences taints their perspective. Adults become more bitter, and essentially lose their concept or direction that was instilled in them in infancy.

This album is also about the setbacks we endure when pushing towards success. Just as on a swing, you push forward but gravity's inevitable force sends you back. In hindsight we take one step forward, two steps back.
But try not to take the concept serious. Because even children have fun, and thats what I try to do with my craft.

Perceptions: This song features a verse written by my 11 years ago. Those who know me, know that I've been creating music for a long time. To quickly sum it all up, I felt like I owed a feature to my young self.

Pizza: PIZZA! I love it and you do. There's nothing more to it. I felt like rapping about one of my favorite foods.

4oz of Skronk: Just a cool little transition song into the next beat. I have fun making beats and this is just an example of it.

Dig: This track is for my crate diggers. The ones who still use vinyl and go hunting for sounds at local record stores and thrift shops. I still get into the crates and I'm an advocate for preserving the technique.

Yoooo!: Just another beat where I bug out. I do that a lot. Music is therapy and this song really lifted my spirit up a bit; however, it signifies a turn for the album.

11 MCs: The hook exemplifies the abundant amount of work I have at times. It also boasts a little of my skills on the mic. Rappity Raps if you will.

Know Me: This song isn't a real diss song to anyone, but i'm just expressing how i feel sometimes. I tend to be a bit of a loner; I'm really consumed with my music I don't have time for the regular friendships. Not saying I don't have friends or I don't want friends, but I eliminate a lot of negative energy when I roll solo.

Pudding: Another Food Reference.

The Way i Rap: I feel like people don't understand my lyrics sometimes. I may go over people's heads or they might think I'm just rhyming syllables to be cocky. So this song justifies my approach to lyricism.

Pastor Pastures: I have no idea why I gave this title to the song.

Anyway Peace out world. Stay posted with more music from me. Creating music is like a journal and you get to read it. I've got more coming.


released December 12, 2016



all rights reserved


eLiMenCe Colorado Springs, Colorado

Peace and positive vibes to you. I bring you nothing but valuable energy through sound and experience.


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